Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thirty Days of Truth

I am, in case you hadn’t noticed, making an effort to write more and, in the pursuit of keeping the momentum going and in bringing this blog back to me, trying to pry open my shell and stop writing about everything else except for me, I am going to attempt to do 30 Days of Truth. Probably not in thirty consecutive days, but I shall work through all thirty prompts.

I’m not sure of the whole origin of it, I searched and searched, but only got to The List, which I hope is the original, but might not be! Apologies if I'm not acknowledging the right origins. The internet is a spiderweb. How profound am I?

I will, also, attempt to write about the first thing that springs to mind when reading the prompt. I promise to push through my (oh-so-blasé-by-now) privacy issues and write completely honestly, no holds barred. Or maybe just one or two holds barred. Or is it bars held? Buggerit I don’t even think the saying ‘no holds barred’ makes sense.

You get what I’m getting at, surely?


allie said...

I get it.
Was kinda hoping you'd start right away though
Like now. :-)

Shiny said...

Oh Allie, yey, you get me! I am, indeed, starting now. Busy with first one, as we speak... x

Kristin said...

You're braver than me. I've seen the list of questions, flirted with it a bit and run screaming when it comes time to write. I can't wait to read your words!

I'm so not a blogger said...

im still contemplating doing this...!

Shiny said...

Kristen - I just started it, without reading the full list! I think I may not have done it had I read the full thing, phew... Anyway, now I started, must finish (my obsessive-compulsiveness showing through) x

IsnaB - do it! I tried to visit your blog yesterday, but see you've gone private... x