Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TDoT(8): Someone who made your life hell

It was years and years ago, but I still can't think of her without shuddering and being incredibly happy that she is no longer anywhere near me. She is one of a sprinkling of people who I would specifically and determinedly avoid if I ever saw her in a supermarket. It was surreptitious at first, but as her personal life unravelled she became overtly aggressive and downright nasty.

I found it all the more difficult because, in a personal capacity, she was really nice and we got on well and, honestly, I think she had so much shit going on in her head and was really a "Little girl lost" and I'd have loved to have been a friend to her, but I couldn't. Not after how she treated us.

She was my boss, a very pretty woman who wore strangely inappropriate clothes and had the work mentality of a corporate boss of a bullying oil company. This did not, by any means, suit her position, but she didn't notice, and she bullied and bitched and was downright mean in an (strangely inappropriate - see the link?) officious manner. Not even sure that sentence makes sense but I like the word 'officious', so it's staying.

I know now that I would never put up with that again. After two (or was it three?) years of a frantically down-spirally work environment, two of us went to the big boss and said it's her or us. She resigned and we breathed again. I literally dreaded work. What was I thinking?

It was hell and, even now, so many years later, it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I hope that she's learnt to be happy.


Angela said...

Your flood of posts is becoming a bit overwhelming! But here I am, wondering about this one.
How can such people ever LIVE with themselves I want to know! Spreading fear and nausea and hatred. Does that really make them feel better? All we ever purposely do is to make us feel better, someone said.
Being a friend is what makes ME feel better, but maybe I`m odd.

allie said...

This has zero to do with today's post but -
I have found an article that I think you'll love.

If you go to my spot, you'll find the site of Philip Yancey (very successful and skilful author)on my sidebar.
Click on "Writing" and then on "Psychosis of Writing" or something similar.
I bet you'll relate, and howl with laughter too.

Have a fun day

Shiny said...

Geli - I often wondered how she lived with herself. I think that's the point. She didn't really. I think, deep down inside, she was terribly unhappy.

Thanks Allie, I'll go and look - any inspiration at this point will be most welcome.