Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TDoT(20): Your views on drugs and alcohol

I love a cold beer on a hot Summer’s day and I’ll happily drink a tequila every now and again, make the tequila face, and be the Energizer bunny of the party (and not be able to sleep after.) My tolerance, and desire, has diminished for sure. Gone are the carefree university days of R2 Tequila Tuesdays and still being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Wednesday for lectures. Then there was R10 for five beers Wednesday, Thursday Sundowner Specials etc.

No, in my middling years, I find the hangovers last longer, are more severe, and make me want to cry. I'm going for the drink or two option these days. Sometimes I get it wrong. Of course, I am still waiting to learn my lesson, and stop. My overall view, though: each to his own. I’ve seen the scary side of alcohol, I know the dangers, I’m (generally) okay with it. Those who aren’t (poor sods), should avoid it like the plague.

Drugs? Well, yes, again, each to his own. Experimenting… cautiously; having fun… occasionally: no problem. Giggling like a schoolgirl with your friends, who have shrunk to the size of fairies, in a safe, beautiful, place… wonderful. The frightening thing is, though, that you don’t know if you’ll be the unfortunate one for whom ‘occasionally’ is not enough. I’ve seen people crumple into a heap due to drugs, dragging those who love them into a terrifying black hole.

Oh, and people doing coke bore me. As much as I say ‘each to his own’, pleasepleaseplease, don’t put me next to the guy who’s a cokehead at the dinner party. I am not interested in how amazing he is, nor do I want to listen to him sniffing in my ear, or getting edgy about phoning the dealer before his coke-induced personality fizzles into a little puddle of white powder on a mirror next to a crumpled banknote. I’ve never understood why it’s necessary, especially at a dinner party. I blame it on boredom. Come on, people, you’re far more interesting without it.

Did I say each to his own? Look at me being all judgey.


Angela said...

We had a family member who tried to escape reality by drinking, and since I was very young I was always afraid I might be infected. So all I ever drink is half a glass of wine for dinner. It makes me fall asleep immediately. Not ever drugs, I am so scared of drugs.

Shiny said...

Geli - yes, my aunt married one of those - so sad and horrible x

Anonymous said...

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