Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TDoT(24): Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs. (Just post the titles and artists and letter)

Honestly, these Thirty Days of Truth things are all so serious, it’s exhausting. Therefore, instead of making some soulful list dedicated to a long-lost love/friend I miss/other dramatically tragic character, I am making a Happy Playlist, for everybody who’s had to read/listen to my whines and whinges while doing it. It’s not (quite) over yet but, in the meatime, here’s some fun music for you to wiggle to:

Any number of people – Good Morning Starshine (from Hair)
How can you not start the day smiling with this? I regularly sing it oh-so-tunefully to friends I phone early in the morning.

Katrina and The Waves – I’m Walking on Sunshine
Because it reminds me of the story of my four best University friends singing it for karaoke at a bar in Ireland and that makes me smile. It’ll make you wiggle your bum too.

Violent Femmes – Blister in the Sun
Again, wiggley bum, dance around wildly, stuff.

The Jungle Book People – Bear necesseties
Because I don’t know the difference between bare and bear, but I’m okay with that.

They Might be Giants – Birdhouse in your Soul
My favourite band, my favourite song.

Mr Jones - Counting Crows
Watching somebody else wiggle their bum to this made me smile, broadly. It sticks in my mind.

REM – Shiny Happy People
My second-most fvavourite band (as you know) and the title has ‘Shiny’ in it, therefore it must be fabulous.

Seven. That seems a good number. Oh bugger, I’m supposed to write a letter too.

Dear Readers (both of you),

This is for you, in thanks for your patience while I’ve showered this blog with gushings of truths splattered about with lashings of tragedy and a smidgeon of drama. I hope I haven’t exhausted you as much as I feel exhausted. Just in case, this list is of happy, hoppity, songs. To make you smile and wiggle.

I’m afraid pure, unadulterated, laziness has prevented me from linking to Youtube videos of them. You know me.

With much love,
Shiny x


Angela said...

Shiny happy people, yeah, and all the others (that I know), too! Good choice! I`ll be wiggling my bum all day now (vaccuuming and floor scrubbing included).
I think if you call that whining what you said so far in your truth stories, you haven`t even started yet! Just listen to some people who have lost a purse or something - not-ending-wanting complaints (that is a German expression: nicht endenwollend).
No, to me you truly are a happy shiny people!
And Miranda is ALSO a reader!

Shiny said...

Of course, yes, lovely Miranda xx

tam said...

I'm a reader too! And I've been loving these. I just never comment coz one handed on the phone and josef gets cross if my attention strays too far...

allie said...

Thanks for all the happy sounds coming thru!

Shiny said...

And you Tamara! You're completely excused from commenting until Josef is... urm... 18! send more pics please xx

Allie - glad you like them xx

Anonymous said...

Wiggling over here too. There - that is definitely more than 2 readers!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these, will create a playlist on my iPod called 'Shiny's bum wiggle songs'.

allie said...

Well! That "both of you" sure brought the lurkers out, Shiny!

Hmm, maybe I should try that :-)

Shiny said...

Mud - glad to hear you're wiggling. And here x

Anon - I'm sure your iPod will wiggle too x

Allie - it was a good tactic, wasn't it? Shameful, blatant, pity-partying x