Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TDoT(23): Something you wish you had done in your life

For this, I must use bullets, the list is long. That makes it sound like I have huge regrets. This is untrue. Of course I have regrets, but they don’t rule my life, I try not to let them overwhelm me, and I do my utmost to fill my life with things which I can say I HAVE done, as opposed to wishing I had:

  • Danced more. More wildly, more carefreely, all of the time
  • Sunk my feet into that wet bit of sand that the waves break over at the seaside more. And let more welks walk over my feet while I did it
  • Had more sex, in more places. Admittedly, I have some stories to tell, but I’m shy about telling them. I’d like to have more
  • Spent more time completely alone, preferably travelling to wild, desolate places
  • Stuck my finger in the little whirlpool thing the water makes when it falls down the plughole more
  • Swum more. I’m not sure that’s entirely possible, as I was Labrador-like in my affinity to water
  • Lain on the green summer grass, despite its itching the backs of my legs, and watched the clouds above more
  • Made a living being a novelist

Oh, wait, there’s one I can still aim at. In fact, there’s plenty. This list is making me sad, and I’m premenstrual, so I think I’ll stop it there. As I said, the list goes on. Equally, the list of things I still want to do, the perfectly possible ones, is just as long, so best I get my head turned in that direction, before the black hole gobbles me up.


Angela said...

When YOU become that novelist for me, I`ll do some of the other things for you. (I`m happily married, but you know, the rest...)
Envelope to you is on its way!

allie said...

I won't go into the obvious but this I want to say: thanks for a new kind of nudge towards intentional living: the carpe diem-ing of life with wide spread embracing arms.
It is just too easy to do things and see things with our attention somewhere else.

Shiny said...

Geli - thank you! I'll look out for it x

Allie - goody gum drops. It makes me happy that I can have a positive effect x