Wednesday, March 4, 2009

E-mails and elephants

I do some work for people who live over the sea and have a different e-mail ,which The BFF kindly created for me, which I use for this work. They're quite big files that fly back and forth over (or is it under? I try not to think too hard about the whole internet concept. It makes my brain hurt to work out how stuff can be, well, so instant) the sea. This morning it just wouldn't send.

I did all the usual - wrote my message, attached the files and clicked the little Send Button. The lovely little star thing came up with a message saying "Sending message" while the points of the star twirled prettily. I pressed the button again. The star twirled some more. So I pressed it again. The star continued twirling... For ten minutes. After that, I picked up my phone, whinged at The BFF (of course, it's his fault) and he contacted the administrators or techies or whatever pimpley youth deals with such problems.

Pimpley youth replied with:

Hello The BFF*

The user is logging into the mailserver successfully so the only reasons for the delay in sending are either that it's a large email (and the user keeps pressing the send button while it is being sent) or that they have a sluggish internet connection.
In order to troubleshoot, I will need to know the size of the email and the email address it is being sent to.

Kind regards
IT-guy* Babar
Tech Support

*Names have been changed to protect identities.

Babar! Like in that wonderful book, Babar The Elephant. I loved it as a child. So I chose to dump my e-mail woes and went in to read up on it. Turns out Celeste, his wife, was his cousin. Horrors! I just love the fact that children's books are filled with little quirks like that.

Anyway, I ignored IT-guys insinuations that I was repeatedly pressing the send button, and that my computer is sluggish (I get very protective about these things) and, instead, drafted this e-mail:

Dear IT-guy,

I see your surname is Babar. Are you related to the Elephant? I was very close to him as a child. Maybe we should be friends too? Only if you are related, of course. Otherwise we probably have nothing in common - you being an IT-type, and me not.

Anyway, let me know.

Shiny x

I wonder if he'd reply if I sent it?


Rambler said...

I think he'd love it... click send!

Angela said...

Yes, of course! And let us know his response!

Vernon Chalmers said...

Dear Shiny -

I may have a more cost-effective solution / less frustrating way for getting your files open / viewable on the other side.

Go and send me a note via Contact Us on the Main Menu.


Vernon Chalmers

Miranda said...

Ah yes, I remember Babar. I was slightly scared of him, I forget why

Did you ever have the Barbapapas? Those strange jelly bean people?

Shiny said...

I LOVED the Barbaparpas. See - such fun x