Monday, November 29, 2010

TDoT(29): Something you hope to change about yourself. And why.

I'd like to change my worry button. Not necessearily turn it off completely, but just turn its volume down a bit. I wish that I wouldn't worry so. I can lie awake for whole nights worrying about things, mainly my precious people.

I'm that person that insists on a phone call from you if you’re driving anywhere at night, to make sure you’re safely at your destination. I worry until I get the phone call. If I don’t, I’ll call you, to check. I'm the one who panics if I phone you, and there's no answer.

I’m not saying that this is, necessarily, a terrible thing, but it is emotionally exhausting. I’d like to just be able to relax it, just a little. I’m just not sure how to do that.

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Angela said...

I just learned how you can do it. Imagine yourself a big soft bag with a wide opening. Throw in every topic that worries you. Say, this goes in - there! And now this! Imagine it properly falling into the bag. When all worries have disappeared into it, tie it shut. And then dump it into the sea. And fall asleep.
Worry is a very useless state of mind, very unproductive and fearful. Fear is the opposite of all the good things we should encourage us, you know, hope, optimism, love, courage... So, as you KNOW that most things you fear about never happen, and the ones you did not foresee and happen anyway you cannot influence, why not just go to sleep?