Sunday, November 14, 2010

TDoT (5): Something you hope to do in your life

I hope to write a novel. In fact, I'm closer to that dream than I have ever been before. I'm almost finished the writing course which has been completely intimidating but really good. The majority of the people on it have novels written already. They're 'tweaking' them.

Me? I've found a character through the assignments we've done that I really like and think maybe I could turn into something resembling a book. I just need a plot now and to make myself sit down and write. I'm supposed to be doing just that now but look, I've procrastinated myself into doing thirty posts revealing my truths. Good grief.

I am busy writing something that will either turn into a synopsis of the book or just be my character's background but it's becoming something. It's starting to wake me at night and occupy my early morning thoughts... where she is, what she's doing.

So yes, I hope to write a book. It'd be cool if it got published too.


allie said...

So so glad to hear that!
Its certainly in you - its just the getting it out.And identifying, and "getting to know" your main character must surely be a big step in the right direction?

I know the procrastination thing re writing: only too well.
Isn't it odd how the very thing you so want to do, you'll find any reason to not do it now?!

Maybe you could let me know the course you did?

Angela said...

Have you met Carol Kilgore and her "Under the Tiki Hut"? If you just scroll back on her blog or even write to her personally (she`s lovely), she is one to give you so many worth while tips.
Oh Shiny dear, I`m most certain you can do it! Can`t wait to buy your book!

Shiny said...

Allie - isn't procrastination amazing? It's the GetSmarter creative writing course. Very cool x

Geli - I'll have a look x