Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Unbearable news

About twenty five years ago I lay along the back of the couch (I was 10, it was a favourite spot, and I was small enough, at the time, to fit) and felt the breath sucked out of me and the world tilt uncomfortably as my father explained to my sister and I that my mother would be in hospital for a bit, having an operation that, hopefully, would let her live. She had breast cancer, at 40.

On Friday, I had exactly the same feeling when one of my best friends called me to say that the lump she’d found is also cancer. She’s 37. Apparently they treat aggressively in such a young woman. She’ll have chemo and radiation and is, as we speak, having a scan to determine how much they’ll cut.

It seems inconceivable that someone so wonderful, so sweet, should have to go through this. I want to throw myself to the ground and shout and scream that it’s not fair, like a two-year old. But mainly I wish that we could share out the struggle that she is facing. She has so many people who love her, if we just each took a little bit, it’d be so much more tolerable.

Luckily she is strong, and fit, and they caught it early. We’ll wait for the scan results and then she goes in this afternoon for the operation. My mother is now in her 60’s and (touch wood) has been healthy since.

In the meantime we all pull in closer and cling to each other and surround her with love and focus all our energy on everything going well this afternoon and the next months. Please.


Angela said...

Dear Shiny, I am joining in. As you say, an early detection is very good. And no matter they`ll have to cut, or how stressful the chemo will be, it is only for a while, and bearable, but with a strong will to live, and all her friends surrounding her (me included), she will master it! I have seen it so many times, and I do believe that help from friends does make a difference. So here I am, concentrating, sending all my energy... And you please, do the same for my daughter`s friend Birthe. Love to our friends!!

Rambler said...

Such horrible news for anyone to hear... strenght to your friend and you as you support her


Mud in the City said...

So sorry. My mother went through it all a couple of years ago, as did both godmothers. Seems to be everywhere and terrifying when it affects young women. BUT they've caught it early and have a plan that will work to have her back to full strength so so soon.
Sending love.

Shiny said...

Thank you Geli, and strength to Birthe too!

Thanks Clive.

Mud - it is terrifying, but she's strong and brave, and very much loved


Tony Letts said...

Cancer sucks - we must do what we can to help those who battle it