Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An update

It’s a weird wake-up call, having someone you love face the challenge of cancer. She is doing well, the op yesterday showed another lump which wasn’t seen on the scan (a scary thought in itself), so she may need a mastectomy. Big, hard stuff but she’s a brave girl. I’ll be off to see her after Real Work. I have wanted to go there the whole time, to cling to her, like a little lichen, possibly even like a barnacle covered in lichen. Luckily she has her love with her, so she hasn’t had to be alone. I’m really looking forward to seeing her later.

And, in the meantime, between the worrying, the world carries on turning, but from my perspective there’s a different glint to it. It makes me want to treat people more carefully, be a little kinder, pay a bit more attention to the important things. My thoughts are constantly swirling (nothing new there) but with an added edge. A good edge because some good must come out of this. She is brave and strong, although in a very small frame, and is more than capable of fighting this, with all of us backing her up, and there are SO many who love her.

In the meantime, let's all be a little kinder to each other, shall we?

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