Monday, August 23, 2010

My weekend

I had a busy weekend, filled with blog fodder. I feel like I'm at primary school and am having to write one of those 'What I did on my weekend' essays. Problem is, I don’t feel like writing. Tsk. And I find that, if I don’t write almost immediately, I forget to do so, and those poor stories – of fish lunches at the harbour, oysters for breakfast, a long-last-experienced church visit and watching my first implosion – go astray and just flit about, like strings of mist, eventually melting into the African heat.

I will try later, to at least tell of the church experience, and the implosive demolition of the graceful twin old lady water-cooling towers yesterday, and how we met two queens after lunch. It was a good weekend. I will try to elaborate, I promise.

This is just me warming up, okay?


Miranda said...

Ok, we'll be patient! xx

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

it's a monday, you'll be forgiven!

Shiny said...

Miranda - you are too kind! xx

SKitM - welcome, especially because you're the understanding type(s) xx