Monday, August 16, 2010

Coffee and toads

I have given up caffeine for a bit. Well, I thought I had. This morning, as I gulped down the last sip of my morning coffee, I remembered. Blast. I’d done so well over the weekend, too. I even had a Red Latte on Saturday morning (made of rooibos tea) instead of a ‘real’ latte, of which I am very fond. I felt great pride about it all. Until this morning, and my, albeit unintentional, relapse. Double blast.

I’m giving it up because I haven’t been sleeping well. Not that I’ve ever been a huge coffee drinker, but I thought maybe I’d take this little step in the hopes that it’ll draw the Sleep Fairy closer to me. Apparently she drinks only lavender tea and sneezes at the whiff of coffee.

In other news, for anybody who reads this and lives in The City Beneath the Mountain, please take care to look out for toads on the road. According to this article – Keep a look-out for toads on the road – it is toady mating season (that brings up all sorts of interesting, but mildly disturbing, images in my 11-year old boy brain) which results in these hoppy little creatures crossing our roads in search of love, and spots to make li’l toads. Sweet. I wonder what toadlets look like.

I also wonder if it’s considered work to be googling ‘baby toads’?


Family Affairs said...

Well, if you still can't sleep you could try counting shagging toads.....Lx

Shiny said...

Snigger. Indeed x