Thursday, July 29, 2010

The singing mug

Wow, I'm just a little bundle of joy, aren't I? That's what comes from being a bit of a sensitive soul, dealing with lots of things, in a state of flux/confusion. Life, I guess. Oh, and the PMS. Yes, that could have just a little bit to do with it. But don't you tell me that, or I might bight your head off, chew it up slowly, and spit the bits into the gutter. Or something. Yes, perhaps that is a small influence on my mood. Maybe.

There is an ad on TV at the moment with a whole bunch of coffee mugs that sing when they get coffee (and a particular brand of powdered creamer) in them. They all have different, but sweet, smiley faces and sing "So happy together..", or whatever it's called, in chorus, while sitting on people's desks, looking friendly. I want one.

Just imagine how much more fun the office would be if, when you got in in the morning, and made yourself your first cup of coffee, your mug looked up, smiled, and sang "So happy togeeetheeer..."? Hmm, ok, thinking about it, maybe I need to find one that has a slightly bigger repertoire. I have that song stuck in my head from seeing the ad last night, and I'm not sure I want that ALL the time.

So to all of you, my hundreds of two readers (this is especially a challenge for you, Catherine, I know you're good at theses things), please could you find me a singing mug, with a relatively large repertoire. Preferably a stripey one. I like stripes.

For who's life could be incomplete with a singing mug?


BNM said...

Now as I'm one that's up for a challenge and as a bad sufferer of PMS (I hid last week!) I googled singing mug for you.
Here you are have an Elvis one


Shiny said...

Oh wow, BNM, that's fabulous! Thank you x

Miranda said...

I've just come back from holiday and caught up with all your posts (another pesto hater - hurrah!). I missed the nephews' birthday, hope they had a good time. One already, wow!