Thursday, August 12, 2010

A puzzling T(t)urkey question

I can’t remember if I’ve put this ponderance out there before. It keeps coming up in my mind, and has been doing so for years, which is why I uttered a gleeful ‘yippee’ when my mother announced that she and my father are going to Turkey in September. The big question I have needed an answer to for such a long time, is this: Are there turkeys in Turkey?

Knowing my parent’s trip is imminent, I will ask them to go searching, while they’re there. I’m sure they’ll be perfectly happy to trail around the Turkish landscape, looking for turkeys (as opposed to exploring Turkey’s fabulous sights and sounds and rich history (I sound like a travel advert)) to answer this aeons-old question of mine. Obviously, turkey-hunting will take preference. I do not refer to the shoot-to-kill version of hunting, rather the just-find-one version. Then again, I am quite partial to roast turkey at Christmas and a turkey roast in October wouldn’t go unappreciated.

I may be asking a a tad too much, though, expecting them to hunt, kill, pluck-and-deinnard, freeze, fly back to Africa with turkey in hand luggage, cook (preferably stuffed) and serve said turkey (preferably with lots of gravy, roast potatoes, butternut, creamed cauliflower. And peas.) Just a tad.

What do you think?


Miranda said...

Not at all. That's what parents are for.

Shiny said...

My sentiments exactly x