Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A thank you note

A year ago, yesterday, you ambled across the park toward our little picnic, as the first spring sunrays warmed the grass. I didn’t know it at the time, but my earth tilted slightly as you walked up to us. It was one of those rare but wonderful occasions where you feel, instantly, that you’ve met a kindred spirit. Somebody you will know forever.

I am a lucky girl, of that I’m sure, to have met you. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but we’ve clung onto each other while we scream, both in ecstasy and agony. You have made me think, look into myself, see where I am, who I am. I hope I’ve done the same for you.

Through the past 12 months, an entire set of seasons (as you put it), you’ve made me feel happy and sad, loved and rejected, broken and whole. There have been some decidedly tricky and difficult bits, and still will be, I’m sure. Mainly, though, we have laughed together, wholeheartedly and body-shakingly, over and over. We share a sense of humour. You even get me when my 12-year old boy humour takes over.

For this all, I want to thank you. You’re wonderful. May this be just the first of countless years we get to laugh together and welcome weekends with a wiggle.


Gail said...

So beautiful, honest and intimate, I feel like i almost should not be reading it. Thats love right there :)

Shiny said...

Thank you Gail x