Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Every so often I look around and blink. Then I think. But really think. That’s why I only do it every so often. The rest of the time I skip about, ignoring whistling. Any more than every so often and my head might explode. Reason being that, when I really think, things somehow gain a different perspective. In the blink of an eyelid, a tiny piece of glitter on the carpet morphs into a giant unicorn prancing about and the large mountain in the distance shrinks down to a pile of spilt sugar on the kitchen table.

Unfortunately, on the flipside, the smallish black hole beside it opens its gaping mouth baring sharp teeth, saliva dripping, and takes a deep breath that finds me whirling around toward it, sucked deep, like that little piece of glitter on the carpet, but into the ghastly vacuumcleanerblackhole.

I realise suddenly that I have a lot to think about. Okay, it’s not suddenly, I’ve known it all along, but I’ve been ignoring it, leaving it there on the floor, little sprinkles of glitter. It’s time to look beneath the glitter. I’m sure it’ll be good for me. Well, maybe. Or not.

I always read back these posts and think to myself, good grief, anybody reading this must think I’m the drama queen from hell. Maybe I am, but it’s my private thoughts vomited on paper and I’m trying SO hard to be honest.

I. Need. A. Holiday.


Angela said...

Shiny, spit it all out! Never mind anyone listening, we all understand and aren`t we all alike, somehow? I am.
I just sent you a bag full of picture postcards to make you smile. Hope it will reach you. Love from many many miles away, wishing you fun and serenity. Did you read my post?

allie said...

IN the meantime, to avoid the ghastly aspect of "thinkings", how about submerging yourself in the travel channels?

You can pretend you are there.

Shiny said...

Geli - oh, how loovely! Thank you. And, yes, I did read it. You are a wise, wise lady.

Allie - good idea! Wish I had DSTV, maybe I'll get some travel DVDs to keep me going. So glad you popped in, I've been thinking about you, and missing you here, you've been quiet. I popped in at yours to check up on you, looks like you're busybusy!


allie said...

Nah - not really.
I am an avid hater of busybusy.
I think it kills life-enjoyment.

At the moment, I have a good mix of fullness and solitude.
Who could ask for more?

Shiny said...

Allie - I'm glad to hear it, sounds fabulous x