Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Comments welcome

I’m assuming everybody gets ‘spam’ comments on their blogs. Mainly I get ones in some indiscernible language which I just ignore (as opposed to copy/pasting it into Google Translate in the hope it’ll recognise it and bring back some incredible pearls of wisdom.) I got one the other day, though, that I love, as nonsensical as it is:

To be a noble lenient being is to have a amiable of openness to the world, an skill to group aleatory things beyond your own control, that can lead you to be shattered in hugely extreme circumstances as which you were not to blame. That says something exceedingly impressive relating to the prerequisite of the ethical autobiography: that it is based on a trust in the fitful and on a willingness to be exposed; it's based on being more like a weed than like a sparkler, something rather tenuous, but whose acutely precise attraction is inseparable from that fragility.

That last bit, about being more like a weed than a sparkler. Who wouldn’t love that? And what on earth does aleatory mean?

(Yes, this is my third post this morning… Real Work is holding little attraction today. I need a holiday.)

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