Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September adieu

Did you see what I did there? Did you? I wrote every, single, day of September. At the beginning of the month I made a deal with myself to do that. I haven't been writing as much as I want to, so thought it'd be a good plan. Thus my incessant drivel this month! Now I feel all smug and patty-on-my-back. I also finished a 12-week writing course that I started about 18 months ago so am feeling very productive (yes, yes... 12-weeks/18 months... so my timing's just a bit out. I finished though!)


So, as the spring wind howls outside my fifth floor window here in the windy part of The City Beneath the Mountain, I grin more widely at the things happening around me and in me. I don't care if the wind blows pollen onto my teeth. I shan't stop grinning.

Why should I?


Rambler said...

Sheesh, well done.. I have had no blogging mojo. September was a bad month for me... blegh...

Anonymous said...

Well done! May the burgeoning sunshine brighten your October. It is raining where I am, and that isn't even London!

allie said...

I didn't notice - an amazing effort!
And they all made good reading too.

The wind sure is making a meal of it even by Cape Town standards - but hey! it keeps the pollution from descending on us

Keep smiling - summers a-comin

Miranda said...

ahem - that doesn't mean you can suddenly stop now and leave us all cold turkey.

mumplustwo said...

Congratulations!! Am mightily impressed (esp. since I've failed to write a thing for absolute ages ...) and am looking forward to seeing what October holds in store!

Shiny said...

Clive darling - I noticed, you're missed xxx

Mud - it's raining here today too - but not cold, so it's ok. Hope it's stopped there

Allie - thanks

Miranda - here I am

Mumplustwo - October holds in store probably alot of teen-reminiscent rambling!