Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back Home

Ah yes, you see? That's what happens. I do myself proud, writing every day, and then, wham, slack off because I've done it. Thing is, though, that I have been ridiculously chaotic. I now live with my parents again. Where my bedroom was, is a large, gaping, hole. It's time, right now, if anybody wants to take me up on The Offer. The Nothing is being removed, the entire household has moved in with my parents who, luckily, live just down the road. It's chaos. But I got freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast, and I have a packed lunch in the fridge. Of homemade food. I have also, thus far, managed to hold back on regressing into a 13-year old.

It was close though. When my mother 'snuck' into my room after I'd gone to sleep, with a torch, to rootle around in her linen cupboard looking for a certain blanket, I had to really hold my tongue and remind myself that they're doing us a favour letting us live in their house. Honestly, though, my tone probably wasn't the most friendly when I asked her what she was doing.

The Big Black Dog was instantly settled and thinks she's living in heaven, because there's a pool in the garden, and she likes water, alot. The Siamese Princess, however, spent the day cowering in my jerseys but got a good night's sleep last night. I know this because I heard her snoring. It's full moon, I was, of course, awake. The Big-Boned Babycat is settling in at The BFF (or so I hope), and I have managed to keep my calls down to only three (and an SMS) since dropping her, oh, 16 hours ago.

So that was Day 1 out of The House in The Middle of The Street under the belt, and my parents are planning a two-week trip (probably to India) so I will then be able to run wild in their house. And the builders promise me it'll be over in four (maybe five) weeks...

I wonder if I'll manage not to regress?


allie said...

It ain't easy, not regressing when you under the parental roof.

I know - I'm a parent of grown children.
When they are here, I want to feed them, encourage them to have a sleep if they look tired, suggest jerseys if the weather turns nippy.

I only partly manage to restrain myself: but they understand my ingrained maternal nature and are quite kind when they refuse :-)

Angela said...

I behave quite the same as your mom and Allie, that can`t be helped. For moms, their grown babies are still their babies, even at sixty, probably (when I am 85). Just enjoy it and regress a little. Soon you`ll be back to your own cooking. And smile at your parents, they love that.

Shiny said...

Allie - ah yes, the jersey thing... My mother always says: "I'm cold, put on a jersey." I guess mothers will just always be mothers - that's why we love them.

Angela - I will do that - smile