Friday, September 18, 2009

Icky spoils plans

I feel icky. Not quite icky enough to have left Real Work early yesterday, but icky enough to have put myself to bed as soon as I came home. And if it wasn't for the 9:30 meeting I have, well, at 9:30, I would've stayed in my beddy-by. My throat is sore-ish and scratchy-ish and my neck muscles feel sore and my head wants to lie down.

I'm going to self-medicate as soon as I've met my meeting for Other Work, and hope that there's not some ridiculous deadline for it (like 5pm for instance). Then I'm going to go back to bed with my book, some DVDs, and The Siamese Princess.

I'm going to hope that it all miraculously goes away before my plan to meet Hec later, a beautiful boy who's known me since I was born (his mother and my mother went to Varsity together, as did we... same Varsity, 30 years later). His mum is my sister's godmother, my mum is his brother's godmother, I've known them all my life (they are 3 brothers). He's the closest thing I have to a brother and I haven't seen him for ages so was looking forward to tonight. Probably best I cancel though... things can get messy when we're together.

It's probably not clever to get messy when you're feeling icky, is it?

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Mud in the City said...

Poor you! Hope it isn't swine flu..... any sign of a curly tail?