Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A pea problem

I am horrified. Extremely distressed. Something terrible has happened. There is a pea shortage. Where the frozen peas should be in The Fridge in my lovely orange kitchen - big, gaping hole. Where the frozen peas should reside in the big freezer at the supermarket? An even bigger, even more gaping hole.

This has resulted in my having to have my bangers and mash with... wait for it... salad. Salad? WTF? Bangers and mash and salad? Nonsensical. I just had this conversation with my friend, I, who lives in The Big Smoke:

Shiny: I have a terrible, terrible problem

I: What's that?

Shiny: It seems The City below the Mountain has run out of frozen peas. I had to have bangers and mash and.... salad!

I: deadly hush (He didn't say deadly hush, there just was one)

Shiny: I don't think you're understanding the gravity of this situation

I: What about fresh peas from woolies?

Shiny: Fresh peas? Good grief. Next thing you'll tell me peas grow on plants, in gardens.

Fresh peas. Snigger. Everybody knows peas come, frozen in bags, from the supermarket. Don't they? Except when there's a shortage. Oh, woe is me, what will I do?


Mud in the City said...

Buy fresh - mash them up - voila: mushy peas!

mumplustwo said...

Or perhaps you could buy one of those bags of mixed frozen veggies ... and just take out the peas???

Shiny said...

Oh, but Mud, that's the thing! I don't want mushy, I like the little petit pois type - that pop in your mouth when you bite them. Listen to me... I'm officially a Fussy Pea Eater.

MumPlusTwo - brilliant! I'm going to do that!