Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A funny SMS

My mother has just discovered the joys of texting. I received this from her yesterday:

Do u want 2 go 2 (Neighbourhood Restaurant) 2nite? Xx

Yes, from my mother, filled with 2's and u's. I was horrified. I felt like I'd received a message from some illiterate, pimply youth who'd taken over my mother's phone. In fact, I called her, to make sure. My (very literate - she spent hours correcting our grammer as children) informed me that she has become SMS-savvy and that, indeed, the message was from her. I laughed. A lot. She then regaled the joys of it, and how, if she didn't use it, it'd take her hours to text.

Another of my pet hates - shortened SMS language. I do sound like a bit of a hater this week, don't I? First the Perky Ponytails, now this. It's just that I get so sad when language is massacred. Words are so beautiful, they deserve to be written out in full. And don't get me started on 'emoticons'... are we becoming so dumbed-down that we can't even work out the emotions behind a message sent to us, without the message-sender sending a silly little face to tell us how to feel? Phhtt.

It is funny when it's your mother though, admittedly, and provided much amusement at dinner at (Neighbourhood Restaurant) last night because, of course, I answered:

Yes pleez ;)

Am I a phone snob in my thoughts on SMS-language?


Anonymous said...

I think I equal you in text snobbery - and also have an unhealthy obsession with removing errant apostrophes. I am officially sad!

allie said...

My phone has predictive text so if I don't spell it out EXACTLY I hit a wall.
I am also extreme about general grammar and spelling though: the papers, posters, graffiti -you name it, it drives me nuts if there are mistakes.

Now I'm nervous in case I spelled 'graffiti" incorrectly.

allie said...

Nervous laugh -
Do you hate *grin* and *smile* too?
I use them in the absence of body language

Belle_Lulu said...

You wait till it's your 88yr old Nanna using the "u"s and the "2"s!!! Then you start to believe that the English Language as we know and love it is beginning to self combust!

;-) BTW. *waves and smiles*

Shiny said...

Mud - yes, the apostrophe dilemma... I'm with you

Allie - oh, I laughed at your grafitti grinning

Belle_Lulu - wow, that's impressive at 88!

*slinks off to Google what all you can get away with putting between stars*


Sheharyar Sajid said...

Very nice
I am sharing some of my favorite good night sms here.