Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A cost-saving idea

I had a good idea in the early hours this morning (well possibly not good. Let's call it an idea rather). Still on the gazillion rand floor job to remove The Nothing... I thought up an ad to place in the classifieds which could help me cover the cost:

Has someone been consistently mean to you? Do you need to get rid of them? I have the perfect solution. For the minor sum of RGazillion they can disappear beneath my floor, in a trifle of cement. Please no chancers. Also, no nice people or kind people or children. Contact Shiny.

Would that be very bad (as opposed to just bad)?


Miranda said...

A fine plan, Shiny. Will you charge extra to make a profit, or just enough to cover the floor costs? Is it a set fee - can people split the costs between them if you have a lot of takers. All these things you need to think through!

Shiny said...

Thanks Miranda. You've brought up some very valid points. I wasn't thinking of profit, but perhaps I should. Then I could afford to have the roof painted too. I must put more thought into this, you're right x