Thursday, March 12, 2009

Full moon and sunrise

Somebody hung the full moon above my driveway this morning and then dragged it along my path to work by an invisible string, above the gorgeous grey mountain, then pulled it down, out of my sight. I thought it was very kind of them. I got to see the rabbit and everything.

On getting to my place of work, I discovered somebody had put a big fan on down in the harbour which had brought the beautiful, fresh salty scent of the sea up here so I could breathe in some ozone. Again, how kind.

Then they pushed the sun up over the mountains on the other side, which I can see across the city-filled valley from my fifth-floor office (I like to think of myself as Rapunzel, up in my turret, but without the kilometres of hair). It seems somebody had thrown a few whispery clouds about the sky too for said sun to light up and make all picture-postcard-golden.

I really should come to work early more often.

And I got that full moon bath again last night, through my window. It was really rather nice. There's something terribly satisfying about hot nights with the full moon wrapping you up in it's cool silver-blue light through the open window.

Sheesh, I think I need more sleep... Shall I stop being so frillilly prosaic and planetary now?


tam said...

no don't. i rather like it.

allie said...

Me too, Tam.
And thank You to the Someone who does such beautiful things - and that Shiny sees

Rae said...

aah fuck, i'm hooked. Jan Smuts can go shag himself then