Sunday, March 22, 2009

Storms and procrastinaton

My body is so filled with it that I fear my skin might split, straight through the middle of me, allowing it all to gush out and splash onto the hot concrete, evaporating into the clear air, recondensing into fat, grey clouds on a summer afternoon, the electricity of my emotions slamming together as lightening bolts, crashes of thunder, and then the downpour.

Oh, look, it's Sunday. And I'm struggling to make myself work on the stuff I neglected on Friday, and yesterday. Like a naughty schoolgirl avoiding homework. I feel the same rebellious, kicking-dust-with-my-school-shoes feeling.

Is that my cool bed and book I hear, calling my name, ever-so-clearly?


Rambler said...

I hear ya... also meant to be working.. have one article to complete, but just can't bring myself to do it...


Rae said...

Dude, uugh....keep your hair on! it's not that bad.
Although, saying that I'd much rather being catching up on your life than finishing my work.

rae said...

Go rain on some one else's parade! i'm so funny.........nnnoott!

I'm bored brown owl, and I also appear to have reverted almost completely to a 14 year old who thinks Wayne's World rocks (not that it doesn't).

Shiny said...

But Wayne's World does rock. And that's the point.