Friday, March 20, 2009

Waffles, sunshine and Nini

Good grief, that might've been a bit heavy for a Friday morning. I have been revived by The BFF bringing a King Cone to shmush up on a waffle. Let me tell you a little secret: this is one of my best ideas. I think possibly ever. The combination of hot waffle with squashed ice cream/sugar cone/chocolate sauce and nuts is beyond description. Yum. Now that's what breakfast is about.

And now I sit, listening to ocean sounds (no, The Fridge has not come down yet), knowing I have work to do but not feeling like doing it, looking longingly at the patch of sunshine on the stoep, thinking it'd be nice to just, well, sit in it for a bit. Just a little while you know. Not too long. It's just that this morning was the first morning with that impending winter chill-feeling and I feel like I shouldn't waste the last bits of summer sunshine. And there's always tomorrow to work. And if not, there's Sunday.

So, yes, with heaviness aside and sunshine outside and, oh look, The Fridgeman inside... He's back to hold The Fridge's hand while gently (hopefully) bringing it down. Let me away to work sit in the sun. Ah, and one of my favourite songs on the radio - I miss my friend Nini, who escaped to London for a bit. Come home now. It's time we went Spring Day delivering, singing songs at the top of our (most melodious) voices with the car radio on full blast.

"Don't waste your time on me, you're already a voice inside my head"
Blink 182, I Miss You

Sunshine? Work? Sunshine? Work?


Rambler said...

Aw, I miss Nini too... I miss all our naughty nights out together...


glad king cone & waffle chased the fear away - hope he doesn't come visit me again...

Jeanine said...

and i miss you 2 so much every single day i'm here... i cannot wait for the day i come home. forever.

ps... i can't believe what clever little blog friends i have! i LOVE it!