Friday, March 6, 2009

Hot, hot, hot

It's Friday, which means I get to do my 'other job'. It also means I get to stay at home and work in my lovely orange kitchen with my Big Black Dog and Litte Siamese Princess and Big-boned Tabby all frootling around beneath me. Today, however, they are looking as listless as I feel. Reason being that it is 38 degrees celcius. For the second day running. Big Black Dog, in fact, is lying very unladylikedly spread-eagled with her tummy against the cool(ish) orange kitchen wall.

While the idea was for me to have Fridays off to pursue my other interests, of the paying kind, I find that, often, I use it to pursue all sorts of other 'other interests', like waffle-eating or tea drinking with other lucky souls who don't have to be in an office on Fridays. This means that my 'other interests' (the paying work kind) land up being done in early mornings before real work and evenings after real work. Which is fine too. On a value scale, waffle eating is way up there toward the top.

This is going to be a rambling post I fear, my brain is slightly melted. Not yet liquid but kind of the consistency of melted chocolate. And, surprisingly, one of my appliances broke yesterday. "Which one?", I hear you all chorus.

No, not the oven, so I can still cook that delicious casserole to fill our tummies and give us comfort on this icy (38 degree celcius) day.

No, not the stove, so I can still cook the rice to go with the casserole to fill our tummies and give us comfort on this icy (38 degree celcius) day.

No, not the microwave, so I can still make minted peas to go with the casserole to fill our tummies and give us comfort on this icy (38 degree celcius) day.

Not even the kettle, toaster, washing machine or waffle maker. The heaters are all in perfect working order.

The Fridge broke. The poor thing is sitting hotly in the corner of the kitchen, also looking listless. It got defrosted and cleaned out two days ago and has never recovered. Half of the little freezer section at the top is beautifully frozen (Only half though. Said peas are huddled with the fish fingers and ice-cream in that corner, cringing away from the warm side) but the fridgey section (a.k.a. The Fridge's tummy), harbouring all the lovely cool juice and water and beer is warm. Like in 38 degrees celcius warm. Not that we're all gagging for icy drinks on a day like today, no, of course not. It's hot chocolate and gluwein for me. All the salad stuff and other things that like to stay cool got shipped off with The Pond to her place of work which just happens to be the home of friends of ours too. I waved them all goodbye and wished them well in their new home, all the while thinking how nice it would've been to have a cool and crispy salad for lunch.

So, here is sit, oh-so-patiently supping on lukewarm tap water, waiting for The Fridgeman. I have a horrible feeling I might be breathing in CFCs too and destroying my very own ozone layer (not to mention the big one that we all share). I hope he comes soon.

In the meantime, I think Big Black Dog and I will take ourselves outside and spray ourselves down with the hosepipe.

I wonder if I should take The Fridge out too, poor poppet?


Anonymous said...

Phew. Hot. I think reverting to childhood and playing in the spinklers is the way forward. With the big black dog of course.

Shiny said...

Oh, how we enjoyed that spray! What fun. Nothing like a bit of reversion to chldhood x

Simply-Mel said...

LOL. Am loving that someone else uses the term 'frootling'....

Shiny said...

Mel - It's one of my favourite words... I'm always frootling about x