Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sleeplessness no good

I am not good on too little sleep. This has always been so. I am a 6 to 8 hour a night kind of girl, if not more. Without that I lose my sense of humour and become growly and grumpy. It's just how it is.

Two things affect my sleeping (okay, LOTS of things affect my sleeping, but two main ones that are there like clockwork) - the full moon and my period (overshare?). They keep me awake. Wide awake. One happy thing I can report in this post, though, is that my body has been oh-so-clever and organised that the two coincide. Whether this leaves me doubly insomniac at full moon, I'm still assessing. I'll let you know. So, yes, it's full moon. So I'm growly and grumpy. No happy Pollyanna stories today I'm afraid.

And there are other influences keeping me awake at night. Nightly goings-on that are frustratingly necessary but into which I don't wish to delve too deeply. It makes me anxious, it makes me guilty, it sounds exciting, but it's not. It's a day-to-day living thing that I cannot change. And I wish I could.

Although, on a (literally) brighter side. My insomniacal hours were spent swimming in a shower of that beautiful pale silvery light that the moon gives off (I have light curtains) and the cool night air floating through my windows was a welcome relief from the suffocating heat that we've been having. I can see a little bite of the mountain through my bedroom window and it too was bathed in moonlight, making me feel like I was privvy to all sorts of wonderful fairy parties going on on the mountainside.

I've just finished reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles. I struggled a bit with it. His writing is beautiful, and poetic, but I didn't find it an easy read. There was one scene, though, that I loved, and was so apt to my night awakenings last night. A beautiful scene where the young May Kasahara wakes in the night and strips off to basically 'wash' every part of her body in moonlight. You need to read that bit, I'm not prosaic like him.

I wonder if I'm cleansed by it too, or just overtired?


Rambler said...


You blog and don't tell me! Going to tuck in now... and thanks for the well wishes... we're happy!


Miranda said...

No, sleeplessness no good. I HAVE to have 8 hours. 10 is good, 12 is no problem! But hey, if you can be privy to moonlit fairy parties on the mountainside....maybe its worth it? Just every now and then?

Shiny said...

Clive - ah, yes, I just restarted...

Miranda - nothing quite like those moonlit fairy parties. Every now and again though is plenty. They can get quite wild those fairy types - even on schoolnights!