Monday, March 2, 2009

That privacy thing, again. And a sheep.

I've been tagged by the lovely Frank. The thing is, though, that I'm not sure I want to do it. Because I'm silly like that and am so conscious of my privacy. I say I'm silly because I know that the only people who read this, are people who know me anyway but, well, ja. It's Monday you see, and it's one of those Mondays where I'm feeling squirmy and unsure. Go figure.

So, what I'm supposed to do, is take a photo of myself, and then draw my version of it using the Paint application, in only 12 strokes. It's quite fun really, but nothing can convince me this morning to just blatantly reveal my identity. I like being Shiny in this sphere. Just Shiny.

I really like Frank though, and would hate to hurt his feelings so I drew a sheep using Paint instead. In 12 strokes. I like sheep and they're one thing I can draw to look (vaguely) as they should. While I've had many delusions of grandeur regarding my artistic talents, I have had to admit that I'm no Picasso. As simple as that. I'm okay with it though. Really, I am.

So there it is. A sheep, standing in the sunshine, on some lovely green grass, beneath a vast blue sky. I hope it satisfies Frank.

Other than that, I'm a bit sad today. A friend has moved away to a town on the other side of the land. And now it feels a bit empty here. And I don't feel like being in the place I am right now. And my sister was here visiting with all her joyous happenings and now she's gone back to The Big Smoke and I miss her and her joyous happenings already. I would say I'm pre-menstrual, but I'm hoping I'm not because, if I am, it's going to be a long haul!
I wonder if I should worry that I chose to draw a sheep?


Rambler said...

Cute sheep! I'm just ignoring his tag and seeing how well you draw in Paint has added to my resolution..

And I'm sorry you're sad... big hug to you sparkly girl!

Frank J said...

Before you cringe, I must warn you I am the spawn of Mielies and am consequently very corny at times.

So take if from whence it comes when I say this is not baaaaa-d at all. IN fact it's very good!

;0) - thanks for playing! I hope things brighten up soon!

allie said...

I found you via Frank's tag: he also gave your blog such a glowing report that I popped over to see if it was true.
It is.
I will be doing a lot more popping over
And flip! your paint job is a work of art!
PS: Tell me, are you going to change your title evry year? :-)

Shiny said...

Rambler - thanks love.

Frank - one word: snigger.

Allie - welcome! Yey. New friends. I knew at the beginning the title was silly (it's already out-of-date. I'm just silly you know. Blush.


tam said...

I think its fine to be perpetually almost 33. And I think that is a fine sheep. And I think you should come and live in Jozi for a while. Come, come, so you live without a beautiful mountain and access to perfect beaches for a what? We have cookies....

Shiny said...

Ah, Tam, that is so tempting, especially with the joyous happenings x