Thursday, March 19, 2009

How big is yours? Mine's probably bigger

My colleague who I share an office with is on leave. My favourite person at work (yes, you) has left to go and live in The Big Smoke. These two people are the ones who listen(ed) to my, some would say incessant, personally I prefer regular, chitter-chatter all day. I miss my favourite person at work. And I even miss my colleague (when he's here we bicker like an old married couple, and he's very grumpy). It's just so, well, quiet.

So, to amuse myself, I experimented with how big my mouth is. Think plum. And mouth. I can safely say, it's a large one, mine. Mouth that is, not plum. Although the plum, too, was of a decent size. It had to be, to be a scientifically-sound experiment. Only about 0.25ml of plum juice was wasted to the plate.

I wonder if I should try a peach next?


Simply-Mel said...

Nectarine, I say. The fluff on the peach could chafe....he he

Elan Hoffman said...

Tennis Ball!!

Miranda said...

haha, you crazy lady!

A watermelon??

You just inspired me to try with a nectarine. Close. But no cigar!

Shiny said...

Mmm... those are in prefect expanding order - I'll start with the nectarine and end on the watermelon... Should keep me quiet for, well, at least five minutes too!


rae said...

Yipppeee! I'm the favourite one!

rae said...

I prefer the more scientific marshmallow experiment, or perhaps popcorn in which field, as you well, know I am the master.
Thank god they sell it at WITS, same brand and everything.