Monday, March 23, 2009

My uncluttered view

From my fifth floor window I can see across the city suburbs to the mountains way on the other side. Well, sort of. You see some bright spark in the 1970's decided to build another building in front of ours (not that I was here then. Had I been, I would most definitely have put a stop to it - by standing in the way of the foundation-digging bulldozers. Or something). And, to make matters worse, not only did they build it to block my view a bit, but they built the ugliest building too. It's pebble-dashed. Need I say more?

So I've drafted a letter to the maintenance guy:

Dear Maintenance Guy,

While I realise this might be a slightly bigger request than you normally handle, it would make my working days so much nicer, so I hope you consider it carefully, and say yes. I'm sure you will, as it is perfectly reasonable, as requests go.

Could you please remove the top two floors of the new building, and the funny tower things on top (I presume they're something to do with ventilation). They're blocking my view. The only problem I could see with the whole idea would be the wind sock on top which, I'm pretty sure would work just as well if you placed it two floors lower.

Thank you so much. I look forward to your agreement, and my uncluttered view.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. Just a thought - when you do it, please make sure you do it as dust-free as possible, I tend to suffer from hayfever from building dust. Again, thank you.

I wonder if it'll work?


Rambler said...

I always say it's worth a try - look at Ben Trovato!

rae said...

Of course they'll oblige. right after they let me have a parking spot in Palm Court.