Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ghosts and dreams

I had the wierdest night last night. This seems to be becoming a recurring theme... I wonder if I should start worrying? Anyway, let's leave that point just there, this is neither the time nor place for looking into my psyche. Hmm, maybe it is. Maybe that's what this is about. Nah. Buggerit, back to the story. After being offered some really fun work, like in being-given-money-for-writing work yesterday I was, obviously, thrilled. The BFF came over and we celebrated with champagne. On. A. Monday. Night. I mean, really. It was great fun at the time, but now I have a fuzzy head and that's not fun. I will, again, blame The BFF (this is the only place I can get away with that, so I'm going to use it. Over and over. And, possibly, over again).

Anyway, after going to sleep relatively early, I was awoken by someone using the bathroom next to my bedroom. It was wierd though because it sounded like my door was shut, and the bathroom door was shut - muffled-like. Now, I can't sleep with my door (and window) shut. It gives me (more) wild dreams and makes me feel like I can't breathe. I guess it's my version of claustrophobia. So my door is always slightly open, and the window wide. The bathroom door, too, is always open.

This is getting rambling. I heard the clank of the toilet paper holder, the flush of the loo, and then the sound of the taps as the person washed their hands. Of course, I assumed it to be The Pond, and was waiting for her to come out to ask if she was okay (it was aboout 2:20am, give-or-take), but nobody came out. On asking her this morning, she announced she'd slept straight through the night. I have to assume it was the ghost. I have seen her once before, many years ago. She came into my room, stood at the door, and then left that time.

I know I sound kind of blase about this. The thing is, I get no feeling of malcontent from this thing, and I'm not really sure that I'm not just dreaming. It seems real though, and I spent about two hours afterwards thinking about it (so, yes, I'm tired, very). I often have very realistic dreams but, when I wake up, I can discern that they were dreams after thinking for a bit. Mainly, though, I got to wondering whether ghosts actually pee, and how they'd wash their hands?

Then I finally fell asleep and had inappropriate dreams about a Danny de Vito-type character who seemed to be a bit like Willy Wonka, but without the sweets, unfortunately. It was all a little creepy. The creepier thing, though, was I seemed not to be that creeped out in the dream.

Maybe it is time I gave my psyche a good old dusting?


Miranda said...

You and me both on the weird dream front...and as for a ghost washing her hands...well that is a very pertinent question. Huh. How intriguing! Have you read Chrystal Jigsaw's blog? She lives in a haunted house and sometimes tells tales of this (the hauntedness, not the spooks washing their hands!)

Miranda said...

And Mud has a couple of cool spook stories

Rambler said...

I'm glad ghosts wash their hands after going to the jon. Its a good habit. And especially if its an evil ghost with intentions to strangle. Then clean hands are far more preferable.

Elan Hoffman said...

Congrats on the "being-given-money-for-writing work" !!!

Wish you many pleasant Moolah making experiences with it :)