Monday, May 18, 2009

Shopping for babies

I went baby shopping on Saturday. That sounds wrong. I didn't go shopping for babies, but for very tiny clothes that you put on babies. Although there did seem to be a lot of babies around - on peoples hips, in little prams, toddling around on the floor. I don't think they were for sale though... they each seemed to be attached to an adult of some kind (honestly though, some of the adults looked very young). So, yes, I went looking for tiny articles of clothing to put on little beings. Because, as I've mentioned before, I am to be a double aunty soon and it's terribly exciting!

I thought it'd be simple. I was wrong - it's confusing. I was amazed by the whole thing - did you know that buying clothes for tiny babies is an exceedingly complicated process? Who'd have thought? Certainly not me. I had a list of things from my sister, I even printed it out, in case (thank god). It had things like body vests, sleep suits and rompers on it. I paid it little attention until I got into the shop filled with rows and rows of tiny articles of clothing.

I'll just use the body vests as an example. Bodyvests, said the list, the one's that close with press studs between the legs. Okay, sounded simple. I'd just go to the newborn section and take four off the rack. Well, not so - bodyvests are divided, firstly into long- or short-sleeved. Easy enough - babies born in July need long-sleeved. So I reached for those. But wait! Some have legs, other's are shorties. Again, July - long-legged. Right, we're on the money now. Nope - green, white, pink, yellow, little aliens or little cars? Good grief.

And then - rompers and sleep suits - what? There's a difference? Needless to say, I oohed and aahed at the cuteness of everything and bought a whole little clothing line basically, including socks which look like finger puppets they're so small (and I mean finger puppets for children-sized fingers). I left the shop fully expecting to have bags and bags of stuff. It all fitted in one - it's incredible to think that there will be two little enough creatures to fit into them. Amazing.

And that was just the first shop.


Angela said...

Yes, sigh, these tiny hands and feet, so lovely, and they will really fit into the tiny socks! But oh, they will grow so fast, and soon enough you`ll be sent off again to buy more...and bigger ones...and then: No Auntie, not THAT colour, haha, it is all so much fun and marvellous, and the beginning of it all is the first shopping tour.
Lots of blessings!

Miranda said...

oh gad, I have all that to look forward to!

Shiny said...

Angela - oh! It's all just so exciting!

Miranda - it's overwhelming, I'm telling you, but oh-such-fun!