Monday, May 11, 2009

Pea Soup

You know that soup that’s made with the little round green things, all mushed up together, quite often with ham? That’s what is in my head today. That soup. I’m not entirely sure why. It is the most beautiful day here in the city below the mountain, something that would normally electrify my being and make me grin. But not today.

Today I feel like I’m stuck in some very gooey mud and my Pea Soup Brain is not helping with trying to work out how to unsquelsh myself. There are some things happening this week that are making me angsty and edgey, a state of being I am not fond of. It is making my head swirl stodgily, it’s soup sloshing lazily.

And the thing is, I should still be floating in amongst the clouds, being all happy and fluffy, because I spent the weekend out in the country in the most beautiful spot where I watched the clouds melt off the mountains to reveal a vast blue sky and the sun shine on the very beautiful Nguni cows in the paddock next to the house, and ate delicious food and drank champagne and played games with lovely friends… ahhh.

Perhaps that’s part of it – I wish to be back there, on that wraparound stoep, with my glass of champagne, book, and a view to forever.

Why-oh-why do I have to be a Real World Worker?

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