Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Good grief, I am such a bundle of joy, aren't I? Melancholy came over to visit and invaded ALL my space. And by that, I mean that she took it so far as to push herself into my ears and up my nose and even insisted on flowing in under my bathroom door while I showered. There was no escaping her. She's not gone either, she's like a bulldog this one. But I'm choosing to acknowledge her and have banished her to a corner for now. She's glowering at me from there. I'm hoping if I ignore her for long enough she'll slink away to hang with her friends elsewhere.

I mean, really, when did inviting Melancholy in for a drink and a slice of cake ever do anyone any good?


allie said...

That's a Mel that is good to keep at bay - with a chair if necessary.
Got any good ole rock and roll music?
Mel hates it cos it picks you right up off the floor and on to your dancing feet again.

tam said...

hmmm. She's an intrusive one. I've also been caught in her bony hug. And there i was coming to ask you for that umbrella. You're right not to ignore her tho. That really pisses her off.

Mud in the City said...

She'll get even more pissed off if you manage to crack a smile...

Miranda said...

Yes Mel and your old boyfriend Insomnia must just sod off elsewhere for a while...hope they do

Shiny said...

Allie - good plan. I seem to have ousted her now.

Tam - my umbrella is very large - you're welcome to share

Mud - I did just that. Wow - did she get cross - ran off in a huff and disappeaared

Miranda - they did. And I wish them much happiness... Far away from me!