Thursday, May 7, 2009

Revenge of the mosquito

It is Winter. Anyone who has read this blog for a while will remember my monster mosquito problems and their stopping me from getting a good night's rest and then my not-so-clever attempts at getting rid of them in the Summer. Yes, that's what I said: In. The. Summer. The Summer, of course, being a perfectly reasonable time for monstrous mosquitoes to be flitting about your head, buzzing wildly, and sucking the life blood from your body.

However, it is Winter here (haven't you noticed my whinging?) therefore it is completely unacceptable that I was awoken last night by one of those very same monster mosquitoes buzzing around my head. The only parts of me sticking out of my lovely warm blankets were my forehead and one ear (the left, to be precise) because, like I said, it's Winter!

So where did the little guy go? He buzzed (and buzzed and buzzed) around my exposed ear. And then... the little fucker bit me on my exposed forehead, leaving an itchy bite above my left eyebrow. Lovely.

And did I mention... it's Winter! I told you these are anabolic-steroid super-mosquitoes, I wasn't exaggerating after all.

Am I destined to mosquito choir practice in Winter too?


Angela said...

How about a mosquito net? Or some deadly spray? I hate mosquitos and especially their sounds, too. Here, they will soon all reappear, when summer comes. Also wasps. And hornets. And little black cockroaches who press their unwelcome bodies through any gap they can find. But mossies are the worst, I agree. Get some spray! And next time put a copper penny on your itchy bite, that is supposed to stop the swelling. Or I`ll give you one of my onions to put on!!

allie said...

I too am outraged at the emergence of winter mozzie activity.
I HAVE a mozzie net but I still get woken up by the suckers.
And that SOUND - the whining divebombing sound -it flippin freaks me out!

Shiny said...

Angela - ooo, all the talk of creepy-crawlies makes me itch!

Allie - you're right, it's the sound that's the worst!