Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flaws, and more flaws

Admitting that one has some serious characteristic flaws is really hard. Well, it is for me. I can’t speak for the rest of the world, I guess. I have a whole bunch some character traits that are really crap. Like seriously crap. I’m not kidding. They’re crap for me, they’re even crapper for those around me. It’s just, well, crappy.

And I’m not talking about my just-now-seen-above inability to come up with decent, grammatically-correct and socially-acceptable adjectives to describe my character flaws, I’m talking about real stuff, horrible things. Sometimes they make me feel like a hideous person. The real problem lies, then, in the fact that if I’m feeling hideous, I prickle towards everyone, making them feel hideous too.

Crap. I told you. See?


Angela said...

When in all innocence I once used the word crap on an English lady (her husband was the cousin of George Harrison, doesn`t that make her a lady?), she stared at me open-mouthed and said, Angela, NEVER use this word again! It is not acceptable!

Okay. (humbly bowing my head)

But really, if that is one of your major flaws, using uneacceptable language, we can live with it.
When it comes to real bad character flaws, like ... um, what? Then I can only refer to Rosamunde Pilcher (did you read my blog?) who said, Love is not looking for perfection but forgiving horrible faults.
And we all love you, Shiny. Even with your crappy language.
I am German and don`t understand it anyway.

Shiny said...

Oh Geli, I wish that was my only flaw! I have hundreds more. Thank you, though, for your always loving words x