Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flickering ballerinas

It’s a wonderful fire, made from aromatic wood that crackles like storybook fires should. The flames flicker and dance, orange ballerinas, warm and welcoming. I am entranced. I need to move away though, before it sucks me in completely and I fall into it and burn to ash.

I back away slowly, not looking behind me, the heat lessening. I bump into something, a bed, lose my balance, and fall onto it. It is warm, inviting, all in the purest, whitest linen, a feather duvet so light it feels as though it might flap its wings at any moment and fly away. I snuggle into it and it wraps itself around me, a cocoon of safety. I know I must get up from this too, it is wrapping itself tighter, smothering me. I push up, away and it lets go suddenly, propelling me into the fire.

I am suddenly covered in a layer of thick bark, impenetrable, over my whole body. My foot lands in the crackling fire and catches alight. I move away again, this time frightened. There is only the fire or the bed. I dive under the bed, into the corner. It is dark. I fold in on myself, my tears flow, dousing my foot, leaving just a smouldering ember, glowing beautiful orange in my huddled corner.


Angela said...

No no, don`t listen to your dreams. They are sometimes made from those night-demons which you successfully fight during the day. They THINK they can catch you at night, but you just tell them to get lost!
You are strong and powerful and ALWAYS have choices.
Cheer up, me dear!

Spiny Marshmallow said...

You write so well - I am just about always moved by your writing...thanks. And yes, Geli is right - dont listen to your dreams. Night demons die by day. Dont they? Usually?

Shiny said...

Geli and SM - yes, the terrors can be terrored away by sunshine and blue skies. Mostly xx

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