Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pedro Almodovar

I love him. Well, I guess not really him, but his films (I might love him, too, if I met him, but I can't be sure.) I went to see Broken Embraces today. Fabulous. Just what I needed to let me look through those bars of the cage I spoke about earlier. Escapism. There's nothing like a dark cinema, the smell of popcorn, the carpetted walls, a bunch of quirky Spaniards on screen, to get you away from the dark passages in your own head.

It's the perfect mix of drama, romance, tragedy and dark humour that he somehow always manages to get. And the colours! There is one scene with tomatoes, beautifully plump ones that you can just imagine grew wildly in somebody's gorgeously unlandscaped Spanish garden. Penelope Cruz splashes a plump tear on one which could be such a schmaltzy scene, but it's not.

I cried and cried, and smiled, and was entranced.

Who doesn't love the movies?

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