Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another letter to The Pope

Last year, around about this time, I wrote a letter to The Pope (see here). I have heard nothing back, which makes me just a little cross. I thought maybe he needed a little reminder, so have written a follow up. Here it is:

Dear The Pope,

I wrote to you last year about the naming of Good Friday but you haven’t, yet, replied. Now, of course I realise that you’re a very busy man, but I can’t help thinking that this is something that should move up on your list of priorities. I’m assuming that these things do take a while to get ‘passed’ or whatever you call it, in your Very Serious Meeting Sessions, so am going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you’re busy with it.

In the meantime, that bakery is making those yummy Hot Cross Buns this year again, so let me know if you’d like some – they may even help you and your cronies make up your minds quicker about the re-naming… I find they help me think.

Which reminds me of a joke you could tell the guys, to lighten the spirit in your Very Serious Meeting Sessions. It's an apt one for this time of the year:

What do you get if you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole?

A hot, cross, bunny.

Shiny x

Wonder if he’ll reply this time?


BNM said...

Now aren't you lucky that I had this conversation this week with my daughter who said "Why do they call it Good Friday Mummy? It wasn't very good for Jesus". I didn't know the answer and mumbled something about asking her grandma (who is a vicar!)
Anyway whilst at discussion at coffee time this came up and apparently it started off as being God Friday but over the years has changed!
Hope that helps

Angela said...

In german it is Karfreitag which means something sad. ASK THE pOPE IN YOUR NEXT LETTER; HE IS gERMAN. Oops. I did not mean you should shout at him, that is impolite, even though perhaps sometimes necessary.
I bet if they would admit women into their priest boy groups, a lot of problems would be taken care of! Maybe even some of the letters they got would be answered by an efficient secretary. Or a Lady Pope. Happy Easter to you, Shiny!

Shiny said...

BNM - I had NO idea, thanks!

Angela - what a brilliant idea, a lady Pope - maybe I should write them another letter siggesting it...