Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feeling pathetic (as opposed to groovy)

The Full Moon played with me last night, sending her silver tendrils through my window, wrapping themselves spider web-like around me in a claustrophobic cocoon filled with wild dreams and tossinged sleep. That Full Moon… she’s a trickster. So hard to resist her beauty. But, hell, I am just not good at being tired. And now I am.

I am also a little overwrought (I love that word, but wish I wasn’t using it to describe me). You see, my love is going away tomorrow to a barren land filled with over-sized birds and lots of arts and culture. Going away for five days, leaving me behind, at the mercy of the Easter Bunny and such creatures.

I have made many plans to occupy me over this rather fabulous long weekend (I am, truly, the luckiest girl in the world with all the wonderful friends I have) but I have to admit to being a bit pathetic and feeling very despondent about the whole thing. You see, I’ve got used to having my love near and loving it and I’m going to miss that for the next few days. Oh-so-terribly. Like a goldfish would miss its’ water if it, say, fell out of its’ nice, large, oxygen-filled bowl accidentally while peering over the edge to see if the cat was hiding beneath the Oregon pine table on which its’ bowl sat. Or something like that. Basically, a hell of a lot.

Like in, and don't you dare laugh at me, I just spoke to someone on the phone and told them about my despondency and huge missing feelings, and... promptly burst into tears! Good grief.

Maybe I should use the time, too, to finish our love story, and get to the point?


Anonymous said...

Good idea, write write write! Or come and see my lonesome in Sing.

My mission for the next week: make more friends!! (just relying on dear Janelle's sister and bro-in-law realy isn't fair on them!)

allie said...

Its the price of the intensity of the love -
Very up ups and very down downs.
You are lucky - so many people have look back to teen romances to remember those feelings: you have them now.

PS: Yes yes yes to the writing

Shiny said...

Oh Mud, I'd love to come and visit. Wish they'd perfected astral travel!

Allie - you're right, I am incredibly lucky