Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A nasty one

Yes, I am writing two posts today. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. I feel words bursting out of me (a rare occurrence in the past few months, so I should take advantage). I am feeling like my body is completely made up of a very thin layer of skin and inside is just waves and waves of salty water, with my organs washing around in there. One little prick, or taunt, and I may just flood.

Admittedly, I have had a number of things happen at Real Work that have made me question humanity. My faith in humanity is normally so strong, but sometimes it just gets royally fucked. I couldn’t bring myself to write about it until now, when, thanks to a comment from clever Tamara on my last, but one, post, made me realise that I should use this blog more as an outlet.

The first call I had yesterday when I got to work was about a woman who had been brutally and viciously raped. Because she was gay. My heart broke and my head reeled with the injustice and cruelty of it. I struggle even to write that, I want it to not have happened. But it did.

I have no words to explain my inconsolable sadness that people have to be put through things like this. It is indescribably horrific and I cannot imagine how, if ever, she will have any faith in humanity again.

Oh dear, I just pricked myself, I must stop before I flood the office. I seem to keep doing things without realising it at the moment, don’t I?


Angela said...

Rape is not any less terrible than murder, and it was always one of my worst fears.
Here in Germany after the war, many women were raped by Russian soldiers, for vengeance (do men ever believe in a "reason"?). Forty years later, I knew old women who still had nightmares and wondered how they could live at all.
I have no explanation or can understand why these things can happen. They should NOT BE ALLOWED.
Or any rapist should drop dead on the spot! If I ever came across such a crime, I know I could easily kill.

Shiny said...

Angela - it is true, because it is something that lives with you forever. Horrible, horrible thing. Indescribably so xx