Friday, April 9, 2010

Winter is upon us

Oh dear, oh dear! Winter is here! It's the first rainy, windy, grey day. I realised yesterday that this could, well, be the reason for my rising melancholy. I do not like the cold. At all. Yes, I love a day spent next to my crackling fire, listening to the rain on the tin roof in the company of lovely people but, unfortunately, in reality, that is not how most of my Winter is spent (although I try to make those occassions fairly regular).

Mostly it's spent getting up in the cold dark, muddling through the rain to work and slinking back home to try and warm up in my made-for-Africa (i.e. NOT warm) house. Don't get me wrong, I love my House in the Middle of the Street but no, the bottom line is that it is draughty and cold. Unless you're sitting right next to the fireplace. Here in Africa we don't do central heating. We just ignore the fact that, for four months a year (sometimes more) it's bloody freezing.

I think it's like they say childbirth is - during labour you scream and swear you'll never again and then you forget the pain as soon as you see the baby. Then you do it again. All Winter we talk about installing solar heating, blocking the gaps under the front (and back) door that allow the freezing gales in (and sometimes the rain too, if it's heavy) and vow to buy more energy-saving heaters (I do try to be environmentally-friendly). But, as soon as Spring curls her pretty fingers around us... whoosh... out of my tiny brain it goes.

In other, fascinating, news, the milk I have at the moment seems to make a skin on top of my tea the minute I let it stand. Most disturbing. I told you it was fascinating, didn't I?


Mud in the City said...

Winter? What's 'winter'? In fact, what are 'seasons' again? It is always 33 degrees here and rains at 2.30pm.

Very boring.

Angela said...

Ha! Springtime here, at last! Flowers and ducks breeding, and taking a nap on the terrace, and home-made ice-cream. yeah!
If I were you, I would SURELY install central heating and solar panels and fill the draughty holes under the doors and windows. Four months of winter and freezing all the time? Are you crazy?

Shiny said...

Mud - 2:30 every day? I can see how that might get a little dreary. I do quite like getting out my scarves and beanies

Angela - I fear I must answer yes, we are a bit crazy!