Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sinning and a confession

I slept, solidly, for 9 hours last night. But I have a confession. It's terribly embarassing, but I feel I must get it out, in the interest of my newly found blurting honesty. Did you see what I did? I made a crossed-out word. I have been reading other people's blogs and being very covetous of their ability to do that. Knowing that covetousness is a sin, I decided I should find out how. I love Google. No more sinful coveting for Shiny, no sirree.

While on these techno-thingies, does anyone know if you can change your blog name without changing the link to it, as in messing up people's links to it? I would hate to lose my three huge number of followers, but really feel that 'Almostthirtythree' should perhaps be changed three years down the line. Seeing as lying lieing being untruthful is a sin too. Dearie me, crossing-outed words are, obviously, the flavour of the day now.

Back to my confession... Wait for it...

I drool. Especially when I'm very tired and sleep solidly. I, too, thought it was something only teething children did but I am living, breathing, drooling proof, that this is not true. Adults do it too. By the way, the fabulous twin nephews are teething. And drooling, like their Aunt. At present they have one tooth between them. They are also becoming pros at crawling. Backwards. Bless. When I sleep, I drool. (Reading that paragraph back I thought I should just make that clear - I only do it while sleeping!)

Too much information?


Angela said...

What does drool mean? No, by far not enough information here!
How did you learn to cross out words? I covet to do that, too!
Coveting GOOD things is allowed, no?

Angela said...

What does drool mean? No, by far not enough information here! How DO you cross out words? I want to be able to do that too! Coveting things is allowed for GOOD things, no? I mean, I am not taking this information from you, but leave it with you, and just covet it. You know?
Now I cannot cross this out, which I should have.
What? What? My comment disappeared, and then I wrote it anew, from memory, and now it appears again?!

Shiny said...

Angela - drool means that spit comes out of your mouth, creating a lovely little pool on your pillow. Ugh, that sounds nasty.

I will e-mail you to tell you how to do crossed-out words because it won't let me here!


Name: Crazii Redhead said...

Hehe, I too discovered the wonderful trick of crossing out words. I think I used it about 20 times in one entry just to prove to myself I could!

Miranda said...

e-mail me too! I also want to know! I wouldn't even begin to know how to google it!

Another thing i covet to know is how people find your blog on google. I have read people talking about these funny things that people google and wind up on their blog. This I need to know!

Hope you're feeling better, sorry I been a bit crap at commenting of late xxx

Shiny said...

Crazii Redhead - I LOVE it. I'm not surprised you did that, I was tempted too.

Miranda - e-mail on its way.


BNM said...

Ummm - I too drool - its not very nice and when I wake up after falling asleep on the sofa there is a wet patch!!
Slightly Embarassed BNM

lettuce said...

yeah..... i hate that, waking and feeling the drool

Shiny said...

BNM - oh yay! I am not alone... sofa's, pillows, nothing is safe from a sleeping Shiny (or BNM)

lettuce - and another! Woohooo