Friday, July 31, 2009

The Pond

It is Friday so I am in my lovely orange kitchen, The BFF next to me, after waffles. We're huddled by the heater. It has been unseasonably warm and beautiful, but, today, the Winter has returned and it is pouring outside. I think it's The Weatherman being all metaphorical (as opposed to meteorological, snigger). You see The Pond is leaving to Faraway on Monday. Which makes me feel grey, and cloudy, and makes big raindrops of the salty version drip out of my eyes, creating little puddles of sadness on the table and floor. Very much like the weather outside, without the salt though.

The Pond and I have known each other for three years, but it feels like forever (in a good way) and, if I believed in reincarnation I would say we'd probably known each other in many previous lives too. We are, as Anne of Green Gables would say, kindred spirits. Once we'd met, there was a period of almost infatuation... I said I didn't like her (for various, joking reasons) but we pursued each other like primary school children with a crush, both knowing, I think, that we were destined to be solid friends for, well, forever.

There were some wierd coincidences - her beloved brother, who died in a motorbike crash a couple of years before I met her, and I, share a birthday; her mother's birthday is on the day of my Tragedy. Stuff like that. Most overwhelming though, was just that we got on so well, instantly. We just got each other, and still do. We were discussing it the other day - we're like siblings. We love like siblings and, yes, we fight like siblings, and through it all, we are completely and utterly secure in the fact that we will always be there.

In the past three years, we've shared a house, a love for The Big Black Dog and The Siamese Princess, many tears, more fits of happy laughter, a LOT of champagne, secrets, and a mutual adoration.

But now she's leaving and, while I am happy for her because she's going to join her love who I adore too, and I really hope that she is content and happy in Faraway , I just can't bear the fact that she'll be so, well, far away.

Is it bad that each time she packs a box and puts it in the lounge, ready to go, I secretly unpack it and throw the box in the recycling?


mumplustwo said...

Dear Shiny, oh! I feel for you! I have said goodbye to many dear friends over the years who have moved for many reasons (but mostly for love, it has to be said) and it hurts terribly, every time. Like any heartache, it takes a long while to recover ... but recover you will. In the meantime, I wish you strength (and sunshine). x

Chimera said...

Sorry to hear about your friend leaving. I know how that hurts and I'm truly sorry. Keep unpacking her stuff! lovely to read your blog and catch up. I'll be back sooon,
Tanvir (Chimera)

allie said...

To clutch at cliches:
It really is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
Just happier and sadder

Shiny said...

Mumplustwo - ta. Hope you're having sunshine while being a malteser too!

Chimera - yey! Hope all's well with the dawgs, velvetty ears rule!

Allie - cliched, but true. And she's at least still in the country...