Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A very important meeting

I have a meeting for my Other Job on Friday. At their offices. It's a very important meeting for important people. I received one of those invitation-from-a-calender things for it, for last Friday. You know those things that hang around at the top of your Inbox until they happen, being all important? It irritates me that you can't make them go away without the meeting-calling-person thinking you're not coming anymore. There probably is a way to hide them, but I don't know it. Those calender things are amazing really (if irritating) - gathering everyone together, making a list of who's coming and who's not. I wonder if it makes the agenda and organises the tea too? I'm straying from the point though.

Anyway, the meeting, which included five other (very important) people, was scheduled for last Friday, but I couldn't make it. So it was changed. To this Friday. This made me feel even more important. But, really, who organises a meeting at 3pm on a Friday? At that time of day, on a Friday, people want to clear off all the telephone messages on their desks, open the letters they've been ignoring all week and, well, play Solitaire until it's home time, preferably while drinking a cold beer.

This is a very important meeting though, so I decided I should make an exception, and attend. With the other important people. You see, it’s a meeting where we will be shown how brandy is made and then we’ll be forced to taste 5 – 6 very old, very nice brandies. The memo says we don’t have to swallow though, it’s okay to spit. Mwahahaaa, spit? I have one word for that: wasteful.

I thought I’d invite a friend of mine along to the very important meeting. She’s a very important person too. This was our conversation (approximately):

Shiny: Hello! Do you want to come to a very important meeting with me on Friday afternoon at 3pm?

C: No.

Shiny: It’s a demonstration of brandy production and a tasting of 5 – 6 very old, very nice brandies.

C: Was that 3pm? I’ll meet you at the office at 2:50pm. God forbid we’re late for such an important meeting.

I forgot to tell her she can spit if she wants. Who on god’s green earth, would spit?


Angela said...

Tell us how it went and if anyone spat. Was there a spitting bowl in the room? What kind of a job IS that?

Anonymous said...

Dear Shiny,

Please find below 3 very good reasons why I should be considered for this very important position:

- I can drink, and know when it is inappropriate to spit

- I can talk to Very Important People. A skill that actually improves with drinking!

- I am actually in South Africa this week

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Mud (Miss).

Shiny said...

Angela - I shall! It's The Best Job in the World!

Dear Miss Mud,

It is MOST tempting to take you up on your offer, you sound highly qualified. Unfortunately C, I fear, might beat me with a blunt object were I to try and tell her she no longer needed to attend the very important meeting. You are in our fair country? I would suggest meeting post-very important-meeting when I am meeting some friends in town but I'm not sure of the state we'll be in! I will, however, be most knowledgeabble on the ins-and-outs of brandy at that point.

Yours sincerely,
Shiny x