Saturday, July 25, 2009

A quickie

I am back fromThe Big Smoke and I am an Aunt. Officially now. Of two little boys, Griffin and Liam. The two most beautiful, precious creatures, who arrived a little earlier than expected, thus my abrupt disappearance.

I have so much to tell that I don't know where to begin and I am feelng weary and sad and wanting to be back there, rather than here, which is a difficult thing, so this is just a checking in, and a promise of the following stories, so I don't forget (not necssarily in order):

  1. The babies arrive in their own time
  2. A night in Victoria West
  3. Meeting the boys (and a small lie)
  4. A hysterical phone exchange
  5. Nieu Bethesda, snowflakes, and a longing
And now I'm going to distract myself reading everyone else's blogs and catching up. A bit of voyeurism should quell my longing, surely?


mumplustwo said...

Welcome back and congratulations on becoming an Auntie!!!

Can't wait to read forthcoming blogs ... esp. re. Nieu Bethesda: did you go to The Owl House???

allie said...

Lovely to have you back - can't wait
to hear your take on aunthood.

Anonymous said...

Congrats and welcome back! Sounds like an amazing experience....looking forward to hearing more!

Shiny said...

Mumplustwo - thank you and yes, I did go to The Owl House. It's my third time there in four years. I love it, it's magical. Will tell all in upcoming post.

Allie and Mud - thank you! Writing it in installments...