Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aunty rules

So the boys were premature, being twins and all, so were popped into ICU after their arrival. This was all dandy until I heard the ICU rules: parents only, grandparents allowed once after birth and then on Sundays, 3:30-4:00pm. That was just visiting hours. The actual list of rules was about 40 pages thick. I scanned through them, trained proofreading eye looking for the word Aunty, or even Aunt. Nada. I rechecked. Still nada.

They'd forgotten to include the aunty visiting hours. I was incensed! I tried to go down and have a stern talking to the medical superintendant of the hospital but was thwarted by the parents and grandparents of my nephews (the ones who COULD go and ogle at them, although no touching by grandparents (rule 1.52, clause 4B)). I guess it's fair enough - they were in a ward with 28 other prem babies (many of whom were not nearly as robust as our two - 2.4kg and 2.6kg). I wouldn't have wanted their aunties breathing on my babies, but still, it was exceedingly frustrating only seeing pictures of these beings who already nestled in my heart.

We were in The Big Smoke for only 10 days so, I regret to say, we made up a little story (some would say we lied blatantly, I like to think it was just a little tale, I am, after all, prone to story-telling). We said I was from New Zealand. Okay, so I'm not, neither have I actually ever set foot there. I do know people who live there, and I know it exists of two islands and that The Lord of The Rings was shot there. I think that's good enough. And it got me 15 minutes of staring googley-eyed at these two little boys who share my genes. Amazing.

Bottom line is, though, that that little glimpse was all I got before I had to come home. Saw lots of the mothers, though, and fabulously, the boys went home yesterday so I shall fly up in a couple of weeks to meet them properly and cover them in kisses.

It all seems a little surreal. I'm having one of those days today, though, when everything seems a little hazy. I wonder if I need to have my eyes tested again?


Mud in the City said...

No auntie viting rights? Appalling! You are highly justified in the NZ lie - and I have no doubt that in years to come the boys will be flattered by it.

Nestling in your heart - just beautiful.

mumplustwo said...

Rules are made to be broken! Well done for getting your 15 mins. Loved the bit about your being from New Zealand ... too funnny! Glad they didn't ask you to name the All Blacks captain or something - tho' perhaps you'd have know if they did??!

Shiny said...

Mud - it was so worth the little fib!

Mumplustwo - thank goodness they didn't! I'd have had no cooking clue and would've had to fake a sneezing attack or something, which would not have gone down well in the baby ICU!


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