Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Next door confuses me

While in The Big Smoke I made plans to meet some friends for dinner. In fact, it was on the night before I left. It was a Tuesday, and I was staying in a suburb renowned for it's restaurants so the choices, seemingly, were endless (not so easy when you're a tourist, these restaurant-picking duties). I heard via the grapevine that one was especially nice, so in good, organised, me-style I rang Directory Enquiries, got their number and called them up on Tuesday morning to book a table. They were full. On a Tuesday? Good grief.

A couple of SMS's later resulted in second choice - an apparently Brilliant Pizza Spot*. I called Directory Enquiries, got the number, called them. Tuesday, apparently, is Drag Show day. These Big Smoke folks are wierd - it's Tuesday for heaven's sake! The day after Monday. Like in one day into the week. A night on which (surely?) most people stay in, unless there's someone visiting from The City Beneath the Mountain, in which case a quiet, gentle dinner may be in order?

So I SMSed the people I was meeting for further suggestions. Two replied saying Nextdoor, one with a number, which I duly phoned. It was a discontinued number. So I phoned Directory Enquiries again. I was beginning to think we may land up having to find a Macdonalds drive-through and eat in the car - not a spectacularly enticing idea for 6 people, one 5 months pregnant. A nice lady answered:

Nice Lady: Directory Enquiries, Nice Lady speaking, how can I help you?

Shiny: Hello, it's Shiny here, again. I'm looking for a number in The Big Smoke.

Nice Lady: Yes, what number?

Shiny: Nextdoor.

Nice Lady: Next door to what?

Shiny: Just Nextdoor. It's a restaurant.

Nice Lady: Okay, a restaurant. Next door to where? I need a name. I can't look up names of places next door. I don't even know where you are.

Shiny: That is the name.

Nice Lady: Next door?

Shiny: Yes, Nextdoor. It's in Grant Avenue.

Sigh, followed by a deathly hush...

Nice Lady: I'm sorry there's nothing under that listing. I think you need to find it's real name.

Shiny: But that is it's real name (starting to sound a little unsure...)

Nice Lady: I'm sorry.

Shiny: Okay, thanks. Bye.

So we took a drive down Grant Avenue looking for it, up and down, just in case we missed it on one side. But we found no sign of Nextdoor. Instead we discovered a nice little cheap and cheerful Italian trattoria. I booked a table and met up with everyone that night.

Clive: I'm so glad you managed to get us in here. The food is great.

Shiny: This is the place you were talking about?

Clive: Yip, next door to the Brilliant Pizza Spot, that's what I said!

Doh. I wonder if I should call Nice Lady at Directory Enquiries and explain myself?


tam said...

Teeheeehehe. Hilariously Pythonesque. How marvelous that you found it. I'm truly impressed.

Shiny said...

So was I! And they had the most delicious lasagne xxx

Angela said...

I know these embarrassing after-moments. Sometimes it`s good we can remain anonymous on the phone.