Monday, July 27, 2009

The babies arrive

So the babies were due on the Friday but at 2:13am on Tuesday, 14th July, I got a call from my sister saying she thought her waters had broken and she was on her way to hospital. Isn’t it funny how, at 8 months pregnant, when watery stuff comes out of your nether regions, you can still have a discussion with your sister as to what it is. I mean, really, what else would it be? But, at 2:13am one can never be sure.

Of course, I was wide awake then, and The Siamese Princess and I educationally spent the next two hours watching a mini-series on American Independence (did you know John Adams was married to a woman who looked very much like Laura Linney?) and SMSing/calling while sister-of-the-large-belly was put on a foetal monitor, and then scheduled for a Caesar at 4am.

I restrained myself from calling everyone on my phone in my excitement and managed to hold out until 3:45am, when I phoned one friend, just one. At 4:15am the boys were born and I had a picture on my phone – the joys of modern technology. I blubbed when I got the picture - fat joyous tears. At 5:30am I sent an SMS to announce the arrival. I was so proud of my restraint. Some of my friends think I wasn’t (quite) restrained enough. 5:30am? And I had been awake since 2:13am. I think I did well.

We packed the car and left by 9am, journeying to The Big Smoke through the beautiful Karoo, to meet my magical new little nephews.

Could my sister and sister-in-law be any more clever?


allie said...

As I scrolled down your post I was so sure there would a pic down there somewhere.
But no.

Very exciting - but don't forget us (we?)who are panting to know what the babies look like.
We have been on the edge of our seats with you in the run-up to their arrival, don't forget.

Enjoy auntie-hood
(or did I say that already in a previous comment. Um )

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Auntie-hood sounds like the best of both worlds - the parents ahve to do all the serious stuff and you can just be the cool aunt they have fun with. Perfect!

Angela said...

Dear Auntie Shiny and shiny Auntie, I am so happy with you, as we also just had a new small arrival and I know EXACTLY how it feels! I also wish I could be there every moment and watch it grow. But your sister will manage, as my daughter does, and we have the fun of getting told all the little stories, and we don`t have to wake up every night to feed and change nappies. Good job, an auntie! Congratulations!

Shiny said...

Allie - just waiting for some proper camera pics. Now they're home they'll take some.

Mud - exactly. It's win-win. I get to feed them chocolate so they adore me and send them home when the sugar rush becomes too much.

Angela - thank you! It's wonderful, isn't it?